As a mother of three boys, my vision is to participate in creating a world where we can live, learn, achieve, and love – free from the burden of preventable sickness and disease.

I am often heard saying –

“in order to live a life largely free from sickness and disease
requires optimal conditions both internally and externally.”

My goal is to participate in highlighting topics on, nutrition, genetically modified foods, natural health remedies, supplements, infectious disease and toxic chemicals.

I have applied the principles that I have studied with my own children (three boys now aged, 18, 14 and 9). Our personal experience is that they have never taken antibiotics. No doctor visits due to illness (other than as tiny babies, and for occasional wax build up in their ears). They have not needed the use of OTC or prescribed medications.

Reducing sickness and disease, is only one area which we need to address to help people to live life on purpose and without limits.

When we look around at our communities both locally and globally we can clearly see that people are not thriving. So how can we change that? How do we provide a solution to the current environmental, health and financial challenges that are facing billions of people around the world?

For me it started with a vision

to create a community to unite people, businesses and charitable organizations who want to effect environmental, social and personal change for the greater good.

To accomplish this goal we need to awaken people to their own true potential and support each person to be in an optimal condition, financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our global community is made up of many individuals. Logically, the greater number of people who are NOT in an optimal condition, meaning they are suffering financially; they are sick; unhealthy; stressed out; unhappy; despondent…the greater the break down in the condition of the community as a whole.

So it starts with self. The more each of us work to help ourselves, in turn we help others.

I know that may sound controversial or selfish, as we often hear the more we help others in turn we help ourselves. But consider this, why in event of loss of cabin pressure are we instructed to first put on our oxygen mask before helping a child…Because if we are unconscious we cannot be of help to anyone.

So together we ALL win when each of us takes responsibility for our own condition and help others to do the same…JOIN US

Live life to the fullest, have tremendous fun. Make a difference in your life and the lives of others.